Emergence of Micro Data Center for Mobile Computing

Researcher Victor Bahl from Microsoft published a presentation showing the micro data center approach to reduce the network latency for real-time and large volume applications such as gaming, video recognition, VR and AR.

By deploying micro data center to bring cloud closer to end user applications will significantly reduce the network latency, at the same time, prevent safety threats, improve avaibility, save brandwidth and extend mobile device battary life.

Further, there are some on going problems such as offloading computing, and geo-distributed analytics.

The author believe the edge computing and micro data center wave is coming,and it will open the door to a new world of disaggregated cloud computing, which will improve the performance of new  IoT services and current cloud services.

Check here to view and download the presentation.

Check here to find the author interview with NetworkWorld about this topic.

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