Micro Data Center for Edge Computing

Frank Xu, director marketing and engineering of Attom Technology, gave a keynote speech on Micro Data Center for Edge Computing at the DCW Singapore Conference.

DCW SG presentation

Frank shares data center infrastructure industry trends, and as the Internet of Things and IT demand for low latency and high volume grows, micro data center products near the data sources will become key nodes. The micro data center solution applies to a broad base of applications that require low latency, high bandwidth, or both to share and analyze a rapidly growing amount of data across the distributed sites. Its wide range of applications include:

  • Banks and financial services firms
  • Governments
  • Manufacturers
  • Telecoms
  • Retailers
  • Hospitals and many more …

At the same time, this distributed application puts forward new requirements for this micro data center infrastructure solution products:

  • Speed ​​of Deployment
  • Management and Monitoring
  • Easy of Duplication
  • Energy Efficient and Cost Effective.

Frank also introduced Attom Micro Data Center product platform to attendees. Attom Micro Data Center is a standalone rack-level system engineered and assembled in a factory environment, and shipped in portable enclosures that integrate all necessary power, cooling, security, and management software. It features integrated for deployment, easy expansion and duplication, unified monitoring & management and flexible customization.

The presentation is shared and can be reached by clicking here: Micro Data Center for Edge Computing_DCWSG.

About Attom Technology
Attom Technology specializes in the research, development and delivery of smart micro data centers. Together with forward-looking team, Attom integrate resources from industry to build micro data center products that help simplify IT systems.
Attom micro data centers products are designed for small to medium size or distributed sites looking for quick, easy, economic and intelligent IT infrastructure solutions .

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Website: http://attom.com.cn
E-mail: frank.xu@attom.com.cn
Tel: +86 135 9025 1125
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